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Garp 00 MRI SS 7T

Intend of use

The intended use of the Garp 00 MRI SS 7T table is to bring a patient to the MRI scanner and slide the patient up onto the MRI scanner table, with entrance from the side.

Technical data

  • Dimension: 230 x 70 x 60/95cm
  • Maximum load: 250 kg.
  • Total weight ex. load: 75kg
  • Tabletop:
    Antimagnetic fiber material, off white 220 x 65cm.
    Adjustable backrest
  • Materials frame: Stainless steel, Aluminum.
  • Surface: Powder painted off white
  • Movement:
    Hydraulic adjusted working height from 60 to 95 cm.
    Trendelenburg +/- 13 dg
  • Wheels & Brakes: 150mm wheels with triple-function foot brake, total lock, free- and direction lock, all wheels can be controlled from one side.
  • CE approved.
  • Manufactured: Horsens, Denmark

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