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Gaia 00 CT Trauma Table EE

Intend of use

The intended use of the Gaia 00 CT Trauma table EE is to bring a patient to the trauma room for stabilization and X-ray, and to bring the patient to the CT scanner and to lift the carbon fiber tabletop including the patient up onto the CT scanner table, with entrance from the end.


  • Folding Safety Side guards
  • Drip stand / IV Pole
  • Mattress 3 or 5 cm w. handles
  • Positioning handles
  • Paper roll holder
  • Carbon fiber arm support
  • CPR support
  • Additional back-up battery with wall charger
  • On board 24V interchangeable battery for tabletop movements

Technical data

  • Dimension: 220 x 90 x 65/100cm
  • Maximum load: 250 kg.
  • Total weight ex. load: 125kg
  • Tabletop:
    Detachable Carbon fiber table 200 x 56 cm
  • Materials frame: Steel
  • Surface: Powder painted off white
  • Movement:
    Motorized adjusted working height from 65 to 100 cm.
    Trendelenburg +/- 15 dg
  • Power: Battery powered (fully portable)
  • Capacity: 50 times up and down with a fully charged battery and 100kg load
  • Wheels & Brakes: 150mm wheels with triple-function foot brake, total lock, free- and direction lock, all wheels can be controlled from one side.
  • CE approved.
  • Manufactured: Horsens, Denmark

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