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- the preferred supplier of custom specified trolleys, tables and equipment to the Health care industry.

As of November 2020, the Brimas group took over Grouleff DK and established Grouleff Medical ApS.

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Grouleff Medical – Who we are…

Grouleff Medical began developing and producing equipment for patient care in the late 1990s. It was the engineer Jørgen Grouleff who, due to his great experience withing MRI and CT scanning, was contacted by a medical team from the trauma center of a Danish hospital. This team needed a one-trolley solution for the transport and handling of trauma patients from the stretcher directly to the scanner couch. Jørgen hereafter established the company Grouleff DK and designed, developed, and produced many product solutions for the health care sector, with an emphasis on MRI and CT scanning.

The company address during the first many years was outside of the city Silkeborg, situated in the middle of Jutland, Denmark, where the employees produced, assembled, and tested the Grouleff products.

In 2010 the company Brimas A/S became the main supplier of all steel components for Grouleff DK. Brimas specializes in the production and completion of specialty projects within stainless steel, aluminum, and plain steel. These competences along with the shared value of always delivering quality on time lead to such good collaboration that Brimas and Jørgen Grouleff were able to announce in November 2020 that Brimas had bought Grouleff DK which in the process changed its name to Grouleff Medical.

The company now shares the same location as Brimas at Satellitvej 10, 8700 Horsens, Denmark, where the synergy between production and development is optimal. This both in relation to the exchange of ideas in the development phase but also equally to the expediency which can be attained by the close collaboration of the two companies.

The founder Jørgen Grouleff is still with the company and today functions as sales manager and head of development.

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Jeg har kun positive oplevelser med Brimas og deres ydelser. I forbindelse med et større projekt, havde jeg brug for Brimas' kompetencer inden for laserskæring og tyndpladebearbejdning. Opgaven blev løst til tiden og til den aftalte pris. 5 stjerner herfra.

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Perfekt. Altid til tiden.

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We are ready to answer your question

Send your inquiry - we will respond within 24 hours

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